4 unexpected ways to improve your happiness at work Yolanda Graham

4 unexpected ways to improve your happiness at work

20-Dec-2016 19:25:10


by Yolanda Graham


It’s no secret that happy people have better energy, work better with others, and are more productive at work.

While there are external factors like having great colleagues, work you enjoy, and employee perks that can fill you with glee, there are things you can do for yourself that will improve your happiness at work. Here are four suggestions:


1. Learn a new skill

It doesn’t have to be a career-related skill, as long as you spend some time learning to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Learn archery, go for DIY terrarium classes, sign up for a make-up course, or pick up rock-climbing.

Learning something new is great exercise for your brain. Going to classes is also a great way to meet people and make new friends. And since you’ll be doing something you consider fun, you’ll feel happier - and as a happier person, you’ll become a more productive worker.


2. Clear the clutter

Depending on how long you’ve been at your current desk and the last time you did some spring cleaning, you’ve probably accumulated some – or a lot of – stuff that you don’t need.

Empty your desk drawers and clear out irrelevant paperwork. Throw out the tomato sauce sachets that you saved from your take-away lunches. Rearrange the stuff that you do need and file important documents.

And don’t stop there. Get into your email and decide what you need to do with those 2,675 unread messages in your inbox.

Without the silent nagging of looming clutter, you’ll start to feel free and less anxious. You won’t have to tell yourself “I’ll get to that later” because you’ve finally done it. You can do something else now. And when you have everything in its place, less of your time will be spent looking for emails and things. You might even find that stapler you’ve been missing since March. 


3. Add a certification to your resume

Ok, sacrificing chill time to study may not exactly sound particularly exciting. But not only will you have a sense of achievement when you’ve earned a new certification, you’ll be better at your job, too – and everyone likes it when they’re able to make a positive impact at work.

Working towards a certification or a new qualification is a tell-tale sign that you’re dedicated to improving yourself. Your manager will appreciate this and you’ll probably inspire your peers to do the same.


4. Arrive early

The saying goes, “If you’re early, you’re on time; if you’re on time, you’re late.”

Whether it’s going to a meeting, lunch with colleagues, or coming in to work, your punctuality says a lot about you. You can blame the traffic, how you lost track of time, or say that you couldn’t find the place – but you can always modify your plans so you can arrive earlier.

If you are genuinely late because of something beyond your control, make a sincere apology. If you were on your way and hit a snag, call to explain what’s happening. But if being late is a habit because you think appointed times are just a guideline, then the people you let wait for you may think that you’re disrespectful, inconsiderate and unreliable.

When you arrive early, you have time to compose yourself, clear your thoughts, and begin your meet without feeling flustered and anxious – all valuable ingredients for success.  



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Yolanda Graham

Written by Yolanda Graham

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