3 reasons you should spend your money on education instead of an iPhone X

14-Sep-2017 16:11:26


by Yolanda Graham

spend your money on education instead of an iphone xApple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller at the launch of iPhone X on 12th September 2017. (Apple photo)


Apple’s iPhone X has just been rolled out. Featuring a super sleek design with breath-taking innovations like facial recognition (which, by the way, didn’t work on the first attempt during the demo) sent Apple fans into an immediate state of longing for (yet another) new Apple smart phone.

The price of the new phone, however, raised some eyebrows. At RM4,200 after conversion, it would consume the entire salary of an entry level executive – at least twice over.

Before you fork that money over for a phone upgrade, consider spending your money on education instead. Here are three reasons we bet you can’t argue with.

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5 attributes of a person with excellent communication skills

15-Jun-2017 12:30:00


by Yolanda Graham

excellent communication skills

Look through any job description and you’ll most likely find “excellent communication skills” listed as a requirement.

Inside and outside of work life, communication helps us build and maintain relationships, and accomplish goals. In business, communication skills help companies achieve their aims and objectives. Employees with excellent communication skills are able to explain things, convey messages, ask relevant questions, and avoid or resolve conflicts effectively.

Let's take a closer look at some of the things people with excellent communication skills do consistently. 


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7 life habits that can make you smarter

23-May-2017 10:00:00


by Yolanda Graham

habits that can make you smarter

Furthering your studies is not the only way you can increase your intelligence and improve your performance at work. To keep your brain sharp as a knife, stimulate your mind with a variety of activities. Here are some suggestions on how you can boost your brainpower.

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5 questions about becoming a freelancer – Answered!

02-May-2017 11:20:00

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by Yolanda Graham


Becoming a full-time freelancer has its benefits. You get to be your own boss, work your own hours, and focus on the things that YOU want to do.

It takes a bit of hard work to become a successful freelancer – you’ll need to do some research on the demand for your skills, and create a solid plan to maintain a sustainable business. But going freelance opens up a world of possibilities and gives you the freedom and flexibility that an office job wouldn't. 

So to help you get started, here are some answers to common questions about becoming a freelancer.


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5 things you can do instead of complaining

30-Mar-2017 16:40:08


by Yolanda Graham

how to not complain


It’s always tempting to complain when you’re frustrated about someone or something.

You rant about every wrong and when your colleagues agree with you, you feel satisfied.  But then nothing changes, and the next time you encounter the same problem, you make the same complaints.

Complaining makes you feel good, but ultimately, it’s unproductive. The problem will continue to exist, and you will feel drained from the negativity – unless you do these five things instead of complaining.


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