Business Administration & Finance

There is a high demand for business and finance graduates no matter what industry you choose to work in. Explore these courses to find the right qualifications for your goals:


A postgraduate degree gives you more work options and access to higher paying jobs
Executive Doctorate in Business Administration
Upgrade and gain skills to handle complex organisational challenges.

International Master of Business Administration (iMBA)
This international MBA can launch a global career.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration
Gain holistic skills to conduct business.

MBA Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
Advance your career and skills with an MBA.

Level 5 Higher Diploma in Accounting and Finance
Gain practical skills and knowledge in accounting and finance.

Corporate Professional Pathway - Management Case Study

Develop both financial and business management skills though this course.

Corporate Professional Pathway - Operational Case Study

Learn and equip yourself with skills you will need to suceed in this era.

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

Develop the right skills to elevate your position and unlock your talents.

C-Suite Business Leaders Programme

Ehance your professional standing with this exclusive and fast-track programme.

Global Professional Accountants Pathway - Senior Leaders Programme

A fast track program towards achieving the coveted CGMA® designation.

Global Professional Accountants Pathway - Young Leaders Programme

Go further with a globally recognised qualification and acquire in demand skills and knowledge.

Business Fundamentals

Learn how businesses works at a fundamental level.

Statistics and Data Science

Learn how to solve complex challenges with data and initiate decision-making processes for organizations

Diploma in Business Management – Flexible Learning

Begin your career in business this flexible diploma programme.

Bachelor of Business (HONS) in Human Resources Management – Learning Simplified

Gain skills and knowledge to prepare you for career in the business and human resource sector.

Bachelor of Business (HONS) in International Business - Learning Simplified

Kick off a global career with INTI's International Business degree.

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Finance

First step towards a successful career in the financial industry.

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Sports Management

An ideal pathway to start a career in sports management.

Bachelor of Accounting

Pathway towards becoming a qualified accountant.

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting and Finance

Learn the essential skills to have a successful career in accounting or finance industry

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Financial Planning

Be a leader of the pack in financial planning industry

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting and Financial Planning

A course to equip you with accounting and financial planning skills.

Bachelor of Business (HONS) in Marketing – Learning simplified

Stay ahead in the business and marketing industry with a degree from INTI

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Learning Simplified

Take your career in business to the next level with a Master's degree from INTI.

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)

For individuals looking to improve their business analysis skills.

Bachelor in International Business

A course to prepare you for a career in international business

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Accounting

Start your career in finance

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Business Administration

Kickstart your career in business

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Get qualified to become a logistics manager

Master of Business Administration

Graduate as a leader in your field

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Marketing

Develop key skills to achieve marketing excellence

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Public Relations

Become a public relations practitioner

Bachelor of Business with a Major in Management

Great business leaders aren’t born – they are made

Master of Business Administration
Develop competency in business management with the Malaysia University of Science and Technology.
Risk Management Professional Certificate
Be proficient in risk management with this course from New York Institute of Finance.
Executive Diploma
Get ahead in business with an executive diploma in Business Management.

Bachelor of Business Top-Up
Stand out amongst your peers with this degree awarded by the prestigious IPE and PPA in France.
First Time Manager
Learn how to establish credibility and to avoid the most common mistakes of newly-appointed managers with this short course.
MBA - Knowledge Universe/UWS
Obtain an internationally-recognised degree from UWS delivered by Knowledge Universe.
MBA - Knowledge Universe/IPE Paris
A prestigious MBA with dual awards from the IPE Management School Paris and Paris Pole Alternance (PPA).
MBA - Olympia College/UWS
Specialise in finance, leadership and enterprise with this MBA from UWS, Scotland.

MBA - Olympia College/IPE Paris
Stand out amongst your peers with this degree awarded by the prestigious IPE and PPA in France.
NYIF M&A Professional Certificate
Specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions with this certification from NYIF.

Business Analytics (Columbia University)

Learn to improve business performance using data, statistical and quantitative analysis

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