Career Development

If you’re trying to get a promotion, excel in a new career or stay current on workforce trends, career development courses are for you. The practicable skills and knowledge gained from these courses will help you maintain an edge in a competitive job market.


75% of jobseekers don’t get an interview because of poor resume writing skills
Business Grammar
Use this short course to strengthen your communication skills and advance your career in any industry.

First Time Manager
Learn how to establish credibility and avoid common mistakes of new managers with this short course.
Leadership Essentials Series
Gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a better leader.
Fullbridge U Online
Develop valuable workplace competencies and access a career coach for professional development advice.
Interpersonal Communication
Develop your interpersonal communication skills to build better relationships in the workplace.
NYIF M&A Professional Certificate
Specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions with this certification from NYIF.
Negotiation Essentials
A lesson in negotiating effectively with this course from Skillsoft.

Fullbridge Career EdgeX
Build the skills you need for success in any workplace with the Fullbridge Career Edge XSeries.

Marketing Essentials
Learn and understand essential marketing practices for your organisation.

Executive Diploma
Get ahead in business with an executive diploma from Olympia College.

Management Essentials Series
A course that provides a firm foundation for personnel in management positions.
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