Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have free courses?

Unfortunately, JobStreet Education does not offer free courses.

Our focus is on providing high quality, recognised courses that help you advance in your career or courses that teach you skills needed to excel in your current role.

Why are some courses so expensive?

Education is rarely low in cost, but no price can be placed on the value of it.

Think of furthering your education as an investment. It allows you to reach your potential and paves the way for a better future. Our students are better able to gain rewarding careers and earn higher salaries through courses that match their goals.

We work with a range of providers – both globally and across Malaysia – to bring a range of price points to suit our audience. We’re also working to bring more payment options to our audience in the future.

Is my course HRDF-claimable?

Yes, JobStreet Education is an officially certified HRDF-claimable training company, so you can claim the cost of any course offered through JobStreet Education under the SBL (Skim Bantuan Latihan) Scheme.

Only employees of companies that have registered with the HRDF are eligible to apply for training grants. Annual allocations amounts are limited and dependent on the company. Additionally, HRDF will only cover training that is directly beneficial to the employer’s business operations.

Please check with both our consultants and your company to see if you can benefit from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF).

Can I pay with my EPF?

Yes, you can use the funds in Account 2 of your Employee’s Provident Fund (EPF) to fund higher education in an accredited local or foreign university.

Please refer to the EPF Education page for more information about education withdrawals.

Can I pay by monthly instalments?

If you are paying with your credit card, check with your provider if they can convert your payment into flexible Easy Payment Plan (EPP) instalments. You may be able to enjoy interest-free instalment plans for up to 36 months.

We are hoping to be able to offer this option directly from our service soon. Please check back with us in the upcoming months.

Will I face difficulties in furthering my education or applying for jobs with courses that are not MQA approved?

Employers in many industries often want to see an ability to perform a task whilst others prefer an MQA-approved qualification.

Speak to our consultants to learn a little more about what can help in your field.

Are the courses provided by or JobStreet Education?

Our courses are not provided directly by or JobStreet Education.

We work with some of the best local and international education providers who deliver the actual training. We are here to help you with education and career advice, and to enrol you into your choice of course.

Will I be guaranteed a job after the completion of a course?

JobStreet is here to connect you to job opportunities but we can’t guarantee you a job.

Getting the right job highly depends on your abilities and competencies. We can only help you with the skills and qualifications you need to gain as well as connecting you to the biggest range of jobs in the Malaysian market. The rest is up to you.

Do you have demo videos of the courses?

Not yet. However, we’re working with our partners to provide demo videos because we want to share with you what your experience as a student with one of our partners would be like.

Why should I enrol with JobStreet Education and not with the provider?

At JobStreet, we’re experts in employment and education.

Matching your career needs with the right course is our highest priority. We partner with multiple providers to give you an array of courses that are specifically for working adults. By coming to us, you’ll be able to get no-nonsense advice about choosing a course that’s right for you and your career.

Picking the right course can be confusing – we’re here to help with that.

Why is there no pricing on the website?

We focus on giving much-needed advice and matching our students to the right course. We also want to be able to remove confusion about further education. To do this we need to speak to our students.

The feedback so far has been that this is a valuable service and approach. Putting the pricing on our website lowers the possibility of having a discussion with our students about their goals and their future.

Why can’t I pay on the website?

We believe in making sure that you’re matched with the right course – that involves talking to you before taking payment. We want you to be confident that the course you’ve selected is relevant to your goals, lifestyle, and schedule – before you pay for anything.

Once we’ve talked and you’re happy with your choice, you’ll be able to pay for your course through a secure payment link that we’ll send you via email.

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