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London Examinations Board promotes superior internationally recognised courses and are endorsed by Training QualificationUK (TQUK). The London Examinations Board online learning platform is interactive and harnesses the power of social networking to make learning fun, collaborative and engaging.
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There are over 3,500 jobs for supply chain, logistics, and inventory professionals on
EdD – Doctor of Education
For aspiring academician and education leaders.

Executive Doctorate in Business Administration
Upgrade and gain skills to handle complex organisational challenges.

Master of Arts in International Education
Fast track a career in international education.

Master in Wellness Management
Strengthen and expand knowledge in health and wellness.

International Master of Business Administration (iMBA)
This international MBA can launch a global career.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Business Administration
Gain holistic skills to conduct business.

MBA Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
Advance your career and skills with an MBA.

Level 5 Higher Diploma in Marketing
Kickstart your career in marketing or management.

Executive Diploma in Marketing
Learn the principles and tactics behind successful marketing.

Executive Diploma in Human Resources Management
Understand the issues relating to workplace motivation and performance.
Executive Diploma in Management
Be the one to take companies from good to great.

Executive Diploma in Inventory and Warehousing
Understand the integral components of a supply chain.

Executive Diploma in Leadership and Management
Become an effective leader for your organisation.
Executive Diploma in Logistics Management
Acquire knowledge and an overview of logistics operations.

Level 3 Diploma in Hospitality Operations and Supervision
Develop a range of skills for a career in hospitality.

Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration
Gain a solid foundation in business administration .

Level 4 Extended Diploma in Business Administration
Qualify for a career in business administration.
Level 4 Extended Diploma in Hospitality Management
Learn the foundations in hospitality management.
Level 5 Higher Diploma in Business Administration
Upgrade your skills in business administration.
Level 5 Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management
Boost your career in hospitality management.
Executive Diploma in Strategic Management
Lead a company to reach its corporate mission and goals.
Executive Diploma in Supply Chain Management
Gain the knowledge and ability to apply various management techniques.
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
Advance your knowledge in organisational management.
Executive Diploma in Marketing Management
Learn the fundamentals of marketing management.
Executive Diploma in Human Capital Management
Learn how to create a happy and productive workforce.
Executive Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communication
Harness the power of integrated marketing.
Executive Diploma in Customer Service Management
Become a customer service expert.
Executive Diploma in Operations Management
Qualify for a successful career in operations management.
Executive Diploma in Advanced Leadership and Management
Learn to lead organisational teams to success.
Executive Masters in Leadership, Strategy & Innovation
Advance your career with executive master's qualification
Executive Diploma in Retail Management
Learn the secrets of successful retail management.

Executive Diploma in Purchasing Supply
Acquire the knowledge skills in various purchasing principles.

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