Fullbridge Career Edge XSeries Program

Career Edge: The Path to Career Success

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The Fullbridge Career Edge XSeries Program enables you to develop the key skills needed for success in any industry. It explores contemporary business fundamentals that help you create a powerful personal brand. You’ll gain a foundation in analytical and data-driven frameworks, and discover essential critical thinking and problem techniques.

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Online Learning

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4 Weeks




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Key Topics

  • Strategies for tackling complex problems in the workplace, including known problem-solving methods and design thinking
  • How to communicate, collaborate, motivate, and be a strong team contributor
  • Research, analytic, and data presentation skills that help you deliver compelling insights
  • How to understand your professional preferences, strengths, and interests to help you build a personal career roadmap
  • Compelling resume writing, networking, and interview skills that help you stand out to employers

Design Your Career
  • Discover your working style and professional preferences
  • Understand how different types of organizations impact the work experience
  • Know the different workplace functions and the skills required for different roles
  • Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses to focus on developing the right skills
  • Create a career roadmap
Communication & Teamwork
  • Choose appropriate communication styles and formats for different audiences and situations
  • Structure email and PowerPoint communications for maximum impact
  • Form an effective team and project plan
  • Plan and facilitate effective team meetings
  • Use known techniques and practices to improve group collaboration
  • Disagree constructively with peers
Analytical Problem Solving & Design Thinking
  • Frame problems and structure an analytical approach
  • Apply different problem-solving methods to complete tasks
  • Develop and test hypotheses
  • Use design tools and techniques to generate and refine ideas
Business & Data Analysis
  • Use Microsoft Excel to execute basis analyses
  • Answer questions on market size, market share, and business performance
  • Effectively communicate and visualise data with charts and graphs
  • Understand different types of revenue, cost, and key profitability metrics

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Launched in 2010, Fullbridge has run blended and online programs for more than 100,000 students and professionals in the U.S., Europe, Asia,Africa, and the Middle East, including many students on US college campuses. Fullbridge programs are marked by a holistic approach. Having a meaningful career requires a combination of superior industry specific skills and attributes such as grit, empathy and commitment. The unique Fullbridge approach will give you the professionalism and skills you need in today’s competitive hiring environment.

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