Privacy policy

1. Introduction

We, JobStreet Education Sdn Bhd (Company No. 1181406-X) and each of our respective related corporations (as the term is defined in the Companies Act 1965), affiliates, and associated companies (hereinafter referred to as "JobStreet Education", "we", "us" or "our") (whether or not controlled by us) recognise the importance of your privacy. We are committed to protecting any personal information about you which we have or will collect, record, hold, store, use, disclose and/or process (collectively referred to as "Process") in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”).

For the purposes of this Privacy Statement, the word "you" includes website visitors, JobStreet Education registered users and purchasers of JobStreet Education products and services.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to inform you about:

  1. What personal information about you is collected by JobStreet Education.
  2. How the information is used.
  3. With whom the information may be shared.
  4. How you can access and change any personal information JobStreet Education holds about you and limit Processing of your personal information.
  5. What security procedures are in place to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information by JobStreet Education.
  6. How to contact JobStreet Education.


2. What types of information do we collect?

JobStreet Education Processes two types of information about you, namely:

  1. aggregated information; generated by our systems (or third party systems) to track our website traffic but that does not identify you personally ("non-Personal Data"); and
  2. personal information; about you such as your name, address, telephone and facsimile number, email address and in some cases, your billing details and general financial and credit information and such information as we deem necessary or appropriate from time to time in connection with the provision of, or notifying you about, our products or services ("Personal Details").

The type of information that JobStreet Education Processes about you is dependent on how you use the services offered on our website and the products you are interested in purchasing through JobStreet Education.

Generally, JobStreet Education does not Process 'sensitive information' about you. Sensitive information includes (but is not limited to) information about your religious or similar beliefs, health condition and/or the commission of crimes, allegations thereof and/or convictions (collectively together with Personal Details will be referred to as "Personal Data"). JobStreet Education will only Process sensitive information about you in the event that it is necessary for the purpose of providing you with a product or service. In such circumstances, JobStreet Education will only Process sensitive information with your explicit consent unless we are required by law to collect such information from you.

To the extent that you disclose to us any personal information of another individual (whether or not coming within the definition of Personal Data above), we shall assume, without independent verification, that you have obtained such individual's consent for the disclosure of such information and / or personal data as well as the Processing of the same in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Statement.

You have the right to decide what Personal Data you wish to provide. However, please be informed that all the Personal Data as stated above are essential to us. Failure by you to provide Personal Data when requested by JobStreet Education may mean that we are unable to provide certain services and products to you.

Collection of aggregate data

We Process this information, which remains in aggregate form, to understand how our website visitors use our website so that we can constantly improve and enhance our services. We may also share this information with our course providers for the purpose of providing you with optimal online career management services.

Like many website operators, JobStreet Education may use various tools (including those provided or operated by third parties) to measure your interaction with the JobStreet Education website, which may include collecting information regarding:

  • the number of page views that occur on our website;
  • the number of unique browsers to our websites;
  • how long these unique browsers (on average) spend on our websites when they do visit; and
  • common entry and exit points of our websites.

Your Internet Provider ("IP") address

JobStreet Education's web servers provide us with your IP address. This assists us in the diagnosis of problems and or support issues with our services.

Cookies and Applets

JobStreet Education uses 'cookies' and 'applets' in its website systems. These enable you to use services such as free demonstrations of our courses. You are able to disable cookies and applets via your computer's web browser however this may restrict access to some web pages and services within the JobStreet Education website and enables us to tailor advertisements to your browsing preferences.

Detection of Location Technology

JobStreet Education may also use a lookup service to assess your general location (city and country) when you submit an enquiry via our website.  If we do so it will only be done to ensure any enquiry you make is responded to by the most appropriate person, and/or to allow us to best services your needs. 


3. What types of information do we collect?

JobStreet Education may collect Personal Data about you when:

  • you visit the JobStreet Education website;
  • you use JobStreet Education's on-line services;
  • you register as a JobStreet Education registered user;
  • you enter into a contract or agreement with JobStreet Education and/or another third party;
  • you request JobStreet Education to forward information about you to third party credit providers for loan or credit application purposes; 
  • you correspond, or communicate with JobStreet Education over the telephone or in any other manner including by letter, facsimile or email; and
  • such other written or verbal communications or documents made available or provided to us prior to and during the course of our dealings with you.

In addition to collecting Personal Data directly from you, we may also obtain Personal Data about you from third party sources such as:

  • our course providers (with whom you enter into a contract with via JobStreet Education);
  • other third parties where you have consented to that third party sharing your Personal Data with us; and
  • such other sources which we may see fit from time to time.

This Privacy Statement applies to all such Personal Data collected by JobStreet Education about you.

As the accuracy of your Personal Data depends largely on the information you provide to us, kindly inform us as soon as practicable if there are any errors in your Personal Data or if there have been changes to your Personal Data.


4. What types of information do we collect?

JobStreet Education may Process your Personal Data for one or more of the following purposes:

  • to communicate with you, including via email newsletters;
  • to facilitate and process contracts between yourself and JobStreet Education and/or third parties;
  • to identify the number of people using JobStreet Education's website services and establish the nature of their interests;
  • to facilitate JobStreet Education registration;
  • to conduct JobStreet Education marketing activities;
  • to provide you with information about JobStreet Education and its services and products; 
  • to notify you about products or services offered by JobStreet Education  that we believe will assist in improving your education or professional development and/or career prospects; 
  • to manage and/or process complaints and feedback;
  • to discharge obligations imposed on JobStreet Education under applicable law, regulations, guidelines and/or by relevant regulatory authorities; and
  • such other purposes as we deem necessary or appropriate from time to time.


5. Disclosure of personal information to third parties

JobStreet Education may disclose your Personal Data as follows:

  • to our course providers in order to facilitate your enrolment in a selected course.
  • where you require and request financial assistance, JobStreet Education may collect Personal Data about you (including financial and credit information) to pass on to JobStreet Education's preferred credit suppliers ("Credit Suppliers") for loan and/or credit application purposes. JobStreet Education will only pass on this information where you have expressly consented to allow JobStreet Education to do so on your behalf. Credit Suppliers may require a range of additional Personal Data for loan application purposes which is not specified in this Privacy Statement. You will be required to read and must consent to the Credit Supplier's privacy terms before JobStreet Education will pass on your Personal Data to the Credit Suppliers.
  • if your enrolment in a course is facilitated via a contract between your employer, an insurance company, or other organisation that is funding the cost of your course (the "Course Funder"), and you have consented to the course provider disclosing details of your course progress, results and other information to us for the purpose of transmission to the Course Funder, then on receipt of such information from the course provider we will disclose that information to your Course Funder.
  • to third party contractors who perform services for us including the management and maintenance of our information systems. Where your Personal Data is passed on to third party contractors, JobStreet Education takes reasonable steps to ensure that these individuals and/or organisations are bound by confidentiality and privacy obligations in relation to the protection of your Personal Data. Where information is transferred outside of Malaysia we believe that the recipients of such information are subject to a law binding scheme or contract which effectively upholds principles for fair handling of the information that are similar in all material respects to the requirements contained in this Privacy Statement.
  • to the related corporations, affiliates and associated companies of JobStreet Education Sdn. Bhd. as defined in paragraph 1 of this Privacy Statement, who offer products or services which we believe will assist in improving your education or professional development and/or career prospects.
  • where required by any regulatory authority, governmental agency and statutory body of competent jurisdiction.
  • to discharge any legal obligation imposed on us by law or pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction.
  • to organisations including their professional service providers and relevant regulatory authorities whether within or outside Malaysia, in connection with the acquisition, disposition and / or intended acquisition or disposition of our assets and / or our company whether directly or indirectly.
  • if we deem that such disclosure is necessary to prevent or mitigate a serious and imminent threat to your life or health or the life or health of another person.

Other than as outlined above, JobStreet Education will not disclose your Personal Data without your consent unless such disclosure is authorised or required by law.

In addition, you will appreciate that we are part of the JobStreet and SEEK group of companies which operates in multiple jurisdictions. Accordingly, access to your Personal Data may be granted to other entities within the JobStreet and SEEK group and may be transferred out of Malaysia for the purpose of data storage and managing information more securely and efficiently at group level.


6. Access to and correction of information we hold about you and limiting Processing

Upon your request, JobStreet Education will provide you with access to your Personal Data unless there is an exception which applies under the PDPA. If we deny such access, we will tell you why.

JobStreet Education may recover any reasonable costs incurred in providing you access to the requested information. To request access to your personal information, please contact JobStreet Education using one of the contact options provided in paragraph 13 of this Privacy Statement.

If you are a JobStreet Education registered user, you can access your registered profile at any time.

We would also like to inform you that you have rights to limit the Processing your Personal Data. We must point out that, in limiting the Processing as requested, the same consequences as described in paragraph 2 of this Privacy Statement could apply. 


7. Keeping information up-to-date

JobStreet Education strives to ensure that the Personal Data we hold about you is accurate, complete and up-to-date at all times. You are also requested to correct and/or amend your Personal Data to the extent you realise it is incorrect. In light of this, you may:

(a)    check whether we hold or use your Personal Data and request access to such data;

(b)    request that we correct any of your Personal Data that is inaccurate, incomplete or out-of-date;

(c)    request that your Personal Data is retained by us only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of the purposes for which it was collected;;

(d)    request that we specify or explain our policies and procedures in relation to Personal Data and the categories of Personal Data processed by us; and

(e)    withdraw, in full or in part, your consent given previously, in each case subject to any applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and a reasonable time period as well as the consequences as mentioned above.

Please address all requests and / or questions or concerns which you may have regarding the subject matter using one of the options provided in paragraph 13 of this Privacy Statement, so that we may take reasonable steps to address this and/or discuss alternative options with you.


8. Storage and security of your personal information

JobStreet Education takes reasonable steps to protect the security of your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

JobStreet Education regularly reviews and implements new security and encryption technologies. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be guaranteed to be totally secure.

Whilst JobStreet Education strives to protect such information, we cannot ensure or provide any warranties in respect of the security of any information you transmit to us or obtain from our online products or services. Accordingly, use of the JobStreet Education website is at your own risk.

Once any Personal Data comes into our possession, we will take reasonable steps to protect that information from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.


9. Links to other websites

The JobStreet Education website contains links to other websites. Please note that these links are intended for your convenience only.

If you have any concerns regarding your privacy when visiting a linked third party, you should ensure that you check the privacy statement/policies of those websites.


10. Destruction of your personal information

JobStreet Education will take reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify any Personal Data about you once the information is no longer required for the purposes for which it was collected or as authorized or required by law.


11. Changes to JobStreet Education's Privacy Statement

From time to time, JobStreet Education may make changes to this Privacy Statement. Accordingly, we encourage you to periodically review this statement to remain informed about how we Process and protect your Personal Data.

Your continued use of the JobStreet Education website constitutes your acceptance of the Processing of your Personal Data to the extent outlined in this Privacy Statement as amended from time to time.


12. Feedback & Complaints about privacy and the JobStreet Education website

JobStreet Education welcomes ideas and feedback about all aspects of the JobStreet Education website. JobStreet Education stores feedback that users send to us. This feedback may be used to administer and refine the services we provide and may be shared with JobStreet Education partners either in aggregate form or with specific identifying characteristics removed.

If you have any complaints about our dealings with your Personal Data including any breaches by us of the PDPA or any questions regarding this Privacy Statement you are able to submit that complaint or query by contacting us using one of the options stated in paragraph 13 below.

Any complaints received by us will be referred for prompt investigation by our compliance team and a written response will be provided to you as soon as possible.


13. Contact Information

If you still have questions about this Privacy Statement, or wish to limit Processing, request access to and/or correct your Personal Data, please contact our Head of customer service at: 

E-mail address:

Phone number: +6 03-2778-9001

JobStreet Education may request your name, phone number, email address and comments so that JobStreet Education can respond to your concerns effectively.