Established in 1997, UNITAR International University (UNITAR) is one of the first private tertiary education institutions in Malaysia. On JobStreet Education, UNITAR offers part-time courses in business, accountancy, education, information technology, and hospitality.

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The demand for online and part-time education continues to grow as the working population recognises the need for credentials.
Bachelor of Business Administration
This part-time bachelor's degree includes an internship programme with strategic partners.
Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Become a qualified teacher with this qualification.
Bachelor of Hotel Management
Develop your proficiency in managing lodging and food services.
Bachelor of Information Technology
Get the key skills to effectively manage information systems in a variety of industries.
Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
Grow your leadership and professional skills in business administration.
Doctor of Philosophy in Management
Learn to develop new approaches in providing management-based research findings.
Master of Business Administration
Develop your expertise as a leader in any business environment.
Master of Education
Learn to develop your own researches into TESL teaching methodologies and practices.
Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)
Learn what goes into developing education policies and practices.
Master of Education (Educational Leadership & Management)
Expand your knowledge of instructional leadership and school improvement.
Master of Information Technology
This taught course requires a final year thesis and a prototype system as the final deliverables.
Master of Management
Develop your skills as a leader and hone your skills in managing complex business issues.
Master of Science (Hospitality Management)
Advance their knowledge in hotel, tourism, or food service management.
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