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What to expect from online courses

Studying online offers a lot of flexibility and is a great option to help you balance family life, work, and studies. Online classes allow you to work at your own pace and earn the same qualification as someone who chooses to attend classes at a college or university.

If you’re considering to enrol in an online course, here are some questions and answers you might find helpful.

Where will I get study materials?

In most cases, you’ll have access to an online learning system, which acts like a virtual university. You’ll be able to get study materials, watch lectures, and participate in online discussions with other students – all from the comfort of your home.

Will I be able to talk to instructors other students?

Yes, you’ll be able to communicate with your instructors and other students online. Depending on the course, you may need to take part in online discussions and forums. There might also be group assignments, which means that you’ll have a chance to work with other students. Your instructor or lecturer will be available to answer your questions via discussion boards, email, or phone.

How flexible is flexible?

While online classes offer flexibility, staying organised and following a timetable is important. Planning and scheduling your study time is key to staying on track with your studies. You’ll be able to refer to the provider’s learning portal, app, or your email to find out about test or coursework deadlines.

Is it easier to attend online classes than it is to learn on campus?

Discipline and self-motivation are key to completing an online course successfully. Online learning gives you the flexibility to study anywhere and anytime you wish, but has the same workload as face-to-face learning. Avoid falling behind in your studies by keeping your eye on the goal.

Will I receive any student support?

If you need help or have any questions, you’ll be able to contact academic staff via email, online chat or phone. You should be able to get the same support as students who attend classes so that you can complete your program successfully.

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